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Terrified Austin residents have placed 150 calls to police about suspicious packages after three blasts rocked the city
Business Insider3/13/2018 12:55:10 PM

  • Residents of Austin, Texas placed 150 calls to police about suspicious packages after two bombs that were hand-delivered to local homes went off on Monday.
  • Three bomb attacks have taken place in Austin this month, killing two people and injuring another two individuals.
  • Police said the attacks were linked, and did not rule out that they may have been racially motivated.

In the wake of three bomb attacks in Austin, Texas this month that killed two people, police have received 150 calls from residents about suspicious packages since two blasts rocked the city on Monday, according to CNN.

Austin Police Chief Brian Manley had urged people to be cautious and avoid opening packages they weren't expecting on Monday.

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