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House Intelligence Committee Democrats say they have 'ample evidence' of collusion between Trump and Russia
Business Insider3/13/2018 12:31:52 PM

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  • Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee will release a report of their own on the committee's Russia investigation, according to Rep. Adam Schiff.
  • Republicans released a draft report on the investigation on Monday in which they claimed they had found no evidence of collusion between President Donald Trump and Russia during the 2016 presidential election.
  • The Democrats, however, claim that they have found "ample" evidence.
  • One Republican on the committee said his party had "gone completely off the rails" with regard to the investigation.

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Following the release of the draft report authored by House Intelligence Committee Republicans that seemed to exonerate President Donald Trump of colluding with Russians during the 2016 election, ranking member of the committee Rep. Adam Schiff said he and his Democratic colleagues will release a report that contradicts that conclusion, The Washington Post reported.

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