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14 things you should never do in bed if you want a healthy sex life
Business Insider3/13/2018 12:29:32 PM

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  • Bad bedroom habits can lead to both an unhealthy sex life and relationship.
  • Whether you're climbing into bed with a new partner or your spouse, there are some habits that should always be avoided.
  • From assuming you know all the right moves to bringing work stress to the room with you, here are 14 things you should never do in bed. 

Whether you’re frolicking with a new partner or the love of your life, banishing these habits from the bedroom will keep you happier, both in and out of the sheets.

Don’t assume you’ve got all the right moves

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It’s impossible to know your partner’s desires right off the bat. “Everyone has personal preferences," says sexologist Gloria Brame, PhD. Communication is critical to all aspects of the relationship, and by working to understand what your partner prefers, you’ll be building a more fulfilling physical and emotional relationship. (Check out these unexpected health benefits of regular sex.)

Don’t make it a negative space

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Many couples air their grievances before bed, says Brame, possibly because it’s the first opportunity they have to talk in private. But when you bring your anger and resentments to into the bedroom, you turn a space for pleasure into a battleground. And if it escalates, it could lead to one partner withholding sex as punishment. If you’re upset with your partner, work it out in another room or put it off until tomorrow. “Going to sleep angry once won’t end your relationship,” Brame says. “What can change your sex life and the glue within a relationship is when you associate the bedroom with negative experiences.” Protect your health and your relationship by learning the best ways to deal with anger.

Don’t be shy about sharing your fantasies


“So many women and men are focused on the sex or foreplay they’re not getting instead of talking about what they want,” says psychotherapist and sexuality counselor Ian Kerner, PhD, author of She Comes First. But it won’t be taken as criticism if you express your desires in a way that’s constructive. As in, “Here’s something that would drive me wild…” As a bonus, the language you use can be as arousing as the act itself, Kerner says. And if you’re itching to go a little 50 Shades of Gray, say so. “The woman or man who really loves you is going to listen,” says Brame. That said, neither partner should press for anything that’s outside his or her comfort zone. Trying something new should be exciting, not unsafe or uncomfortable. (Steal the habits of couples with steamy sex lives.)

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