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A star Silicon Valley investor who sold her startup for $200 million reveals the jarring tactic she had to use to make men pay attention to her pitche
Business Insider4/13/2018 2:47:54 PM

Jess Lee / Polyvore

  • Sequoia Capital investing partner Jess Lee said that she used an effective tactic to command investors' attention when she was raising capital for her former company, Polyvore.
  • The tactic involved startling all the men at the beginning of pitch meetings by slamming a stack of magazines down loudly on the desk.
  • Along with a group of female founders and investors, Lee is offering practical guidance to female entrepreneurs through the project Female Founder Office Hours.  
  • One of Lee's top tips to female entrepreneuers is to enter their pitch meetings with confidence. 

Before Jess Lee became the first female investing partner at Sequoia Capital, she was a successful entrepreneur. Lee cofounded Polyvore, a fashion e-commerce company that was acquired by Yahoo for about $200 million.

But in Polyvore's early days, Lee struggled to raise money for it. 

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