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13 suspicious things people found that made them think their partner was cheating
Business Insider4/13/2018 3:09:00 PM


No matter how open-minded you may be, chances are good that learning your partner went behind your back and cheated on you isn't exactly your idea of a positive relationship development.

But what if you received information that made you certain your partner was cheating, but it ultimately turned out to be a simple mix up?

This may sound like fodder for a romantic comedy, but this sort of thing can happen in real life. In a recent Reddit thread, someone asked users to share stories of things they found on their partners' phones that made them think they were cheating, but which turned out to be something else entirely.

INSIDER was unable to independently verify all of these stories, but they make for fun reading nonetheless.

Finding "Ashley Maddison" in their partner's contact list.


"My wife found a contact in my phone for 'Ashley Maddison' literally the week after the hacking scandal.

She's the wife of the new assistant pastor at our church that my wife hadn't met yet. I was texting her because I was going to meet the moving truck at their house for them when they moved in." - Reddit user Davidjricardo

Locking their phone with no explanation.

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"My wife started acting really sneaky for some weeks: having sudden go outs with her friends, having some 'private spending' and asking for money, getting home from work really late. The last straw was that suddenly she blocked her phone, we had our phones unlocked or we knew each other passwords, we were really respectful of our privacy. But she began responding messages on the night, taking phone calls outside the house and that kind of stuff.

"The very day that I was going to ask her what was happening she threw me a surprise birthday party like ten days before my actual birthday because on those days she booked a vacation to the beach, secretly negotiated vacation days with my boss, and got a granny to take care of the kids. All under my nose." - Reddit user CaptainFlama

They used suspicious code words in their text messages.


"I was the one accused actually. We both grew up super lower income and when we first started dating we went to a huge birthday party and started talking about how we never had a big party like this growing up. So when her first birthday of our relationship came around I snuck around for a week. I came off super shady I guess throwing her a huge surprise party I saved like three weeks of pay from a sh---- delivery driver job.

"I was careful to never text anyone with the word party, so I texted a mutual friend who worked at a really nice bakery who was sneaking me an expensive cake for half price '[Girlfriend] is heading to work can I come now?' She replied 'Yeah my boss is gone for a bit so make it quick.' My girlfriend came to break up with me and walked into a surprise party. Still together six years later." - Reddit user Dogpicsordie

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