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Princess Diana said the wrong name during her vows, and 14 other little-known facts about royal weddings
Business Insider4/13/2018 4:14:11 PM

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  • Queen Victoria was the inventor of wedding white — she donned a white veil in 1840 when marrying Prince Albert mainly to match the lace on her dress.
  • Instead of calling her groom “Charles Philip Arthur George,” Princess Diana swapped the names as “Philip Charles.”
  • Kate Middleton did her own wedding makeup after taking lessons from makeup artist Arabella Preston.

Learn all the slip-ups and secret messages.

Queen Victoria launched the white gown trend.

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In the Victorian era, brides generally wore the nicest dress they could buy (and re-wear) in whatever color tickled their fancy. That all changed when Queen Victoria donned a white gown in 1840 when marrying Prince Albert. She chose white—then the color to wear to funerals, not weddings—mainly to match the lace on her dress, but it didn’t take long for brides to follow her lead, citing the hue as a sign of purity.

Diana said the wrong name during her vows.


Luckily, the slip wasn’t overly awkward. Instead of calling her groom “Charles Philip Arthur George,” Diana swapped the names as “Philip Charles.” She wasn’t the only one suffering from wedding jitters, though—Charles said “thy goods” in his vows instead of “my worldly goods.” Don’t miss these other 15 secrets you never knew about Charles and Diana’s wedding.

Queen Elizabeth used ration coupons to pay for her dress.


After World War II, even then-Princess Elizabeth wasn’t exempt from being limited to clothing rations. Hundreds from the British public tried sending her their own cards to supplement the 200 coupons she’d been granted, but the palace returned each one because transferring them was illegal.

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